Why having the right equipment for your hike is key

Why having the right equipment for your hike is key

We all have that one friend who has attempted to embark on a hike wearing jeans; needless to say, it was probably a disaster.

Whether you plan to be on the trail for a few hours or a few weeks, it is imperative that you have the right equipment for your trek. Though it is possible to foresee weather changes for a day-hike, it could be a baffling task when planning for a multi-day trek. There’s a wide range of circumstances to consider when packing your equipment to ensure you’re prepared and supported.

Similar to having the right equipment for your hike, having the right tools for your business is critical to running a profitable business. Let’s have a look at a few key pieces of equipment:

Maps and A Compass

A map and compass not only tell you where you are and how far you have to go, but it can also help you find campsites, water, and an emergency exit route in case of an accident.
While GPS units are very useful, trekkers are advised to always carry a map and compass as a backup.

A solid business plan and strategy is your “map” of the business. It will state your current situation with a situation analysis, show possible roadblocks, opportunities and probable pitfalls. A strategy will guide you through the business trail to the desired outcome of your business by optimising available resources and tools.

Food and Water

Food and water are at the absolute top of everyone’s essentials list, and rightly so. Without enough water, the human body will completely shut-off because water is vital for organ and muscle health.

Likewise, your business requires tools to support core business processes. Think finance; do you have the right software in position to maintain accurate records and create fiscal reports? If your current software, or lack thereof, fails to do so, it could lead to poor decisions that may affect your business adversely. Choose systems that are beneficial in the long-run and that make perfect business and practical sense.

First Aid Kit and Safety Items

No, we are not implying you’ll encounter Survivor-level challenges, but every hiker knows it’s uber important to pack a first aid kit. It is also important to tweak any pre-packaged first aid kits to suit your needs better and also support personal health issues.

What about the essential safety items? Have you packed fire, light and a whistle? Though these items may seem a bit old-fashioned, they have won the test of time and continue to be every adventurer’s best friend.

When running a business, you come across challenges almost daily. If you’re not prepared and have not packed your ‘business first aid kit’, it will make it much more difficult to reach solutions. Make sure you have reliable back-ups, crisis management plans and people in place to rely on when things go south.

Not sure where to start? WorkPlan can help you gather the “right equipment” for your business with our unique approach in assessing and analysing businesses. WorkPlan is a combination of structured business growth programs and an innovative engagement platform that delivers productivity, engagement and progress to your business and its people.

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