MyWorkPlan The Collaborative Learning Platform

What is Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative learning occurs in the natural flow of work. It is bottom up, democratised, relevant and responsive and focussed on impact. Collaborative Learning harnesses the collective knowledge of colleagues and peers, to learn, share ideas and innovate to achieve company and team goals.

Where is  MyWorkPlan hosted? 

MyWorkPlan is hosted in Australia. We offer hosting in other locations upon request of customers.

Do you provide any support for MyWorkPlan The Collaborative Learning Platform? 

Yes, support for MyWorkPlan is provided by our team in Brisbane, Australia.

Can you  help out  with implementing our strategy in MyWorkPlan The Collaborative Learning Platform?

Yes, we can help you assess needs, plan, and create content for  MyWorkPlan The Collaborative Learning Platform and other LMS platforms you may have.

How long does it take to implement MyWorkPlan The Collaborative Learning Platform? 

MyWorkPlan is designed for rapid implementation so you are up and running fast.
Some of our clients choose to implement MyWorkPlan themselves after some short training, while others choose to use our team to implement MyWorkPlan with them.

What are the benefits of using MyWorkPlan over a learning management system, SharePoint or a WIKI?

MyWorkPlan is not necessarily a replacement for a learning management system. MyWorkPlan is designed to build engagement and productivity in an organisation. It achieves this by linking information, learning and content to strategic goals and team objectives. MyWorkPlan is not a top-down management system, rather it supports bottom-up sharing of ideas, innovation, skills and best practices.

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