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Safeguard your business and increase productivity

WorkPlan Learning will enhance employee safety, compliance, and productivity through comprehensive training modules, assessment tools, development plans, and streamlined onboarding processes.

Identify and assess business and safety risks with audits, checklists, surveys and assessments.

Systemise individual and team safety & wellbeing training action plans

Ensure safety and wellbeing compliance with more than 1000 microlearning modules and editable policy documents

Deliver operational practices, workflow procedures and assessments

Deliver personal and team development plans and performance reviews

Develop effective client employee onboarding with ready-made templates

See how WorkPlan Learning can help grow your business

WorkPlan Learning will safeguard your business, significantly improve employee productivity and reduce employee turnover.

By utilising WorkPlan Learning, you can safeguard your business and minimise workplace health and safety (WHS) compliance risks, including the new psychosocial requirements. WorkPlan Learning offers over 1000 microlearning modules and editable policy documents, ensuring that your business remains compliant with safety and wellbeing regulations. Our comprehensive library will help your business stay ahead of legislative requirements and promotes a culture of safety within the workplace.

WorkPlan Learning can assist your business in identifying and assessing business and safety risks through detailed audits and checklists. By conducting thorough assessments, your business can pinpoint potential hazards and areas for improvement, enabling clients to take proactive measures. A proactive approach will reduce the likelihood of incidents and foster a safer and more productive work environment.

WorkPlan Learning supports you in leading your employees on a learning journey that will improve employee retention, engagement, and productivity. WorkPlan Learning offers the tools for you to create personal and team development plans, performance reviews, and effective onboarding.  Our team leadership program to offer facilitated blended learning or develop your own programs with the easy-to-use module creator.

Our Sales Excellence program delivers the knowledge and skills to increase your sales revenue. 

By leveraging WorkPlan Learning, your business will have comprehensive support to enhance operations, ensure compliance, and promote a culture of continuous improvement.


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Three key WorkPlan programs for high growth businesses

Manufacturing Warehouse

WHS Essentials 

WorkPlan Learning has features to track annual safety and wellbeing with configurable notifications settings. Use our off the shelf courses and create your own.

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Dealing with Workplace Bullying
  • Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • Food Safety for Food Handlers
  • Respect@Work
  • Understanding and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence in the Workplace
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Workplace Violence Training

Team Leadership 

Good team building skills inspire teams to work together more effectively. Good teams are thought-provoking, inspirational, and practical.

  • Team Management Fundamentals
  • Delegating Tasks
  • Developing Your Team
  • Performance Management
  • Letting an Employee Go
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Motivating Your Team
  • New Manager
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Team Culture
  • Team Dynamics

Sales Excellence 

Our sales learning modules will give you the fundamentals of sales and advanced topics of presentation skills & sales psychology.

  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Building Relationships in Sales
  • Prospecting
  • Handling Objections
  • Presenting Your Solution
  • Sales Psychology
  • Closing the Deal
  • Sales Leadership and Management
  • HelenLeaning Systems Specialist
    I’ve worked with your products and team for some years now and the first word that comes to mind is professionalism.  The products are reliable and user-friendly and the customer service is second to none.  Always so very prompt, friendly and effective.
  • JulieSenior Project Administrator
    Workplan created an Induction system for the company where I work as the senior project administrator. I was involved from the start in the creation of the system (over 2 years ago) and find Kathleen an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing is ever to much trouble with Kathleen even attending meetings, helping with issues & organising her team to assist us whilst she was on a family holiday! I highly recommend using Workplan in business solutions.
  • VahnLearning and Development Facilitator
    “I have worked with WorkPlan for about 3 years and I have found their responsiveness to queries and problems that I have encountered along the way to be prompt and knowledgeable. Our consultant has been fantastic providing support when needed and being available to talk or guide us through any issues we may have been experiencing and has been a delight to work with.”
  • JulianSenior Learning Consultant
    I’ve been working as an administrator of WorkPlan LMS’s, across multiple organisations, since 2007 and definitely appreciated the work and effort that WorkPlan puts into their customer service. Their focus on providing timely and clear communication when questions arise, has helped me get the most out of our LMS. WorkPlan are responsive and open and have approached our interactions with a great attitude and a focus on quick problem resolution. Their engagement and consultation when discussing upcoming features and customisations have made me feel valued and has given me a say in shaping our LMS for the future.
  • Peter CrockettFounding Partner, 2Inspire International
    I really appreciate your responsiveness to our needs. A wonderful example of genuine client service.
  • BronwynManager, Workforce Capability Unit
    My compliments to Kathleen, Brian and the WorkPlan Team. From the initial building of our Learning Management System to their on-going assistance in optimising its functionality, they have always taken the time to understand our business and provide bespoke solutions that meet our particular needs. They have been a pleasure to work with.
  • Peter NicholsonLearning Resources Manager, LivCor
    For almost 15 years, WorkPlan have provided reliable support for our online learning and assessment delivery. Throughout this relationship, it has been the helpfulness and expertise of the people who have made it a success. Of all our dealings with IT system technicians, these are and have consistently been the most affable, approachable and courteous people to work with.
  • Rachael, L&D AdministratorGlobal engineering and operational solutions company, South Australia
    When I was assigned to this project to reorganise our company 300+ job profiles and training requirements, I had no prior knowledge of the learning management system. I would not have been able to complete the project without your ongoing assistance and patience.  A very big Thank you!

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In the spirit of reconciliation WorkPlan acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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