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WorkPlan training courses
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WorkPlan training courses for sales excellence

Sales revenue is crucial for  growing and sustaining a business

Sales revenue needs to be consistent and predictable to grow or even sustain your business. With our WorkPlan Sales Excellence program, we ensure your business achieves its sales goals.  Erratic sales volumes and fluctuating cash flow can lead to stagnation, decline or even having to permanently close.

In order to have better sales results, your salespeople need to understand the sales process from prospecting through to onboarding a new customer.  Sales training programs will help salespeople learn and improve their selling techniques, skills, and processes.

Our WorkPlan Sales Excellence program will ensure the ultimate goal –  improving bottom-line sales results.


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Improve sales results with our Sales Excellence Program



Master each part of the sales process

Our WorkPlan Learning Sales Excellence Program will equip your staff with the tools and insights needed to consistently close more sales. By mastering each part of the sales process, your salespeople will become more confident and effective in winning deals.

Avoid costly mistakes

Sales training helps prevent costly mistakes. With the WorkPlan, your team will learn to avoid costly errors that lead to missed opportunities with small and large clients. Consistent training with our Sales Excellence Program will ensure your salespeople will handle sales conversations, objections, and closing techniques effectively.

Optimise customer experience

Well-trained salespeople provide a better experience for customers. Our Sales Excellence program will help your team learn how to build rapport, address objections, and close deals, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Competitive Advantage

Well-trained sales teams can more effectively differentiate your products or services from competitors. They can articulate unique value propositions and handle objections more confidently, giving your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

With the skills and knowledge gained from sales training, your team can improve their ability to forecast sales more accurately. This allows for better planning and resource allocation, helping your business to grow in a more controlled and predictable manner.


Sales training isn’t just about closing deals—it’s about building skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in a competitive market. Our WorkPlan Sales Excellence program will boost your team’s sales performance and contribute to your organisation’s success!

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Unlock Consistent Revenue Growth
with WorkPlan Sales Excellence

Unlock consistent revenue growth with the WorkPlan Sales Excellence Program, designed to free your business from the cash flow roller coaster.

Our WorkPlan Sales Excellence program combines flexible, online self-paced training with expert coaching, ensuring sustainable sales performance improvement without disrupting daily operations.

With interactive, concise modules and weekly coaching from a seasoned B2B sales expert, you’ll gain essential selling skills and ongoing support for maximum impact.


  • Gap Analysis Survey: Begin with an assessment to identify strengths and areas for growth. Individual and team analytical reports.
  • E-Learning Modules: Video-based interactive courses – 11 courses with over 58 microlearning modules at your pace.
  • Facilitated Workshops: Participate in sessions designed to apply learning in real-world scenarios with case studies and activities.
  • Coaching: Receive support to apply what you’ve learned directly to your organisational challenges, ensuring exceptional team success.
  • Program Support: Administrators receive support to ensure a successful program.

What your salespeople will learn


Sales Fundamentals

This training topic an introduction to sales, the sales pipeline, the importance of a CRM system, essential sales tools, integrating sales and marketing efforts, aligning sales with the buyer’s journey, the Importance of ethics in sales and basic sales communication skills.


This training topic includes prospecting fundamentals, techniques for reaching out to prospects, analysing your competition, perfecting the cold call, effective warm calling in sales, connecting with prospects through social selling.

Presenting Your Solution

This training topic includes developing a proposal, 5steps to prepare for a sales presentation, tailoring your presentation to an audience, making the most of slide decks in sales presentations, winning sales presentation techniques, creating your sales narrative, the role of storytelling in sales, translating features into benefits, persuasion vs. manipulation in sales, giving an effective product demonstration.

Sales Psychology

This training topic includes understanding why people buy, how to succeed in sales as an introvert, dealing with rejection, how to use body language to win more sales, how to sell to different personality types, managing stress as a salesperson.

Building Relationships in Sales

This training topic includes how to qualify sales leads using the BANT framework, understanding potential buyers’ needs, 7 things to know about potential buyers, how to build trust with potential buyers, consultative selling and why it is effective, leveraging decision-makers, influencers, and gatekeepers, developing emotional intelligence, why transparency is key to building relationships and boosting sales.

Handling Objections

This training topic includes handling sales objections, 5 common sales objections and how to overcome them, winning techniques for handling sales objections, common mistakes when handling sales objections.

Closing the Sale

This training topic includes sales negotiation, essential techniques for negotiating a sale, countering common buyer negotiation tactics, closing the Sale, transitioning to customer success.

Why Choose the WorkPlan Sales Excellence Program?

Our program stands out by turning sales training programs on its head. Instead of fleeting training impacts, we offer a blended learning and coaching experience that delivers lasting change. With access to our sophisticated online learning modules and professional coaching support, your salespeople will boost their sales performance and contribute to business success!


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