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Our journey started in 1995 and our team continues to help people and organisations transform to meet the challenges of constant change.
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About Us 2021

Now more than ever,

businesses must create, innovate, learn and collaborate to remain competitive.
Our team are experts in strategy, engagement and learning. They deliver real solutions to current challenges that businesses face.

Positively embrace the future

At WorkPlan, everything we create and develop is focused on helping our customers and partners thrive in a world of constant change.

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The WorkPlan Story

In 1995 a small web development company was founded in Noosa, Queensland. Web Raven delivered innovative websites for a diverse range of customers and was a leader in developing e-commerce and and online collaboration solutions.

As familiarity with web platforms grew, Web Raven expanded its software development by building the Learning Management System called DOTS LMS, released in 2000.

As LMS functionality expanded, customers increasingly requested consulting services in a range of areas including change management, training needs analysis, instructional design and competency frameworks. To reflect our expanding services aligned with our LMS, we changed our name to DOTS Talent Solutions in 2008.

We continued to grow amongst an increasing number of LMS vendors competing in the enterprise market. Our deep relationships with customers enabled us to be in the front of macro and micro impacts on the global workforce and how they were impacting workforce culture and technology.

2019 was a big year with a dedicated design and development project to create software that flips outdated models of learning management with democratised collaborative learning.

Our customers needed tools to improve culture, people engagement and productivity and with that in mind, we designed a modern and simple cloud platform that can enable any person to create, innovate and collaborate.

We changed our name to WorkPlan and we launched WorkPlan Learning in November 2020.
WorkPlan Learning links information to strategic goals and team objectives to embed learning, innovation and collaboration into the natural flow of work that may be unique in every organisation.

  • Bronwyn FletcherManager, Workforce Capability Unit
    My compliments to Kathleen, Brian and the WorkPlan Team. From the initial building of our Learning Management System to their on-going assistance in optimising its functionality, they have always taken the time to understand our business and provide bespoke solutions that meet our particular needs. They have been a pleasure to work with.
  • Julian DardenneSenior Learning Consultant
    I’ve been working as an administrator of WorkPlan LMS’s, across multiple organisations, since 2007 and definitely appreciated the work and effort that WorkPlan puts into their customer service. Their focus on providing timely and clear communication when questions arise, has helped me get the most out of our LMS. WorkPlan are responsive and open and have approached our interactions with a great attitude and a focus on quick problem resolution. Their engagement and consultation when discussing upcoming features and customisations have made me feel valued and has given me a say in shaping our LMS for the future.

Our Purpose

  • We believe learning is the lifeblood of culture. When people see the purpose of learning they are more likely to engage in it and apply knowledge on the job.
  • We want to enable organisations to tap into the collective knowledge, skills, ideas and interests that too often remain latent.
  • Too many people feel frustrated in jobs that never allow them a chance to grow and express themselves.
  • In some workplace cultures, it is too easy for people to ‘show up’ for work and leave at the end of the day without feeling they made a contribution to the achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Strategy is the true north for any organisation and WorkPlan Learning aligns learning content with strategic goals and team objectives

Our Vision

To provide insights, ideas, tools and software enabling organisations to help their people engage more fully in a positive culture of learning and innovation.

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