A Collaborative LMS To
Create Competitive Advantage
WorkPlan Learning enables everyone to create and share knowledge across teams and with your clients to exchange best practice, build skills, ask questions and provide feedback quickly.
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Make learning and collaboration come alive

With Portfolios in WorkPlan Learning


engaging & meaningful user experiences


learning content and communities of practice with portfolios

Structure content

based on any topic, project, audience, subject matter experts or your team objectives

Create amazing content

for your people & customers

Easily Create

content for learning & knowledge.

Apply your creativity

using text, images, videos, quizzes, links, surveys and checklists.

You can publish

in minutes not hours

Accelerate teamwork

with WorkPlan Learning

Enable People

as members of single or multiple teams to access shared knowledge and required and recommended learning.


your team structure, projects, clients and subject matter expertise to build people engagement


To spark innovation and improve efficiency and increase performance across teams.

Bring your people together

Inspire, transform and engage your people to achieve your strategic goals.

Revolutionise how your organisation works. WorkPlan Learning empowers your people to create and share knowledge and learning aligned with your strategic goals and their team objectives.

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Embed your strategy

into your culture with Goals and Objectives in WorkPlan Learning

Link team objectives

to strategic goals to drive strategic execution.

Improve productivity

with learning aligned to your strategy.

Focus on your strategy

using the dashboard view of your strategic goals, teams and their objectives.

  • Bronwyn FletcherManager, Workforce Capability Unit
    My compliments to Kathleen, Brian and the WorkPlan Team. From the initial building of our Learning Management System to their on-going assistance in optimising its functionality, they have always taken the time to understand our business and provide bespoke solutions that meet our particular needs. They have been a pleasure to work with.
  • Julian DardenneSenior Learning Consultant
    I’ve been working as an administrator of WorkPlan LMS’s, across multiple organisations, since 2007 and definitely appreciated the work and effort that WorkPlan puts into their customer service. Their focus on providing timely and clear communication when questions arise, has helped me get the most out of our LMS. WorkPlan are responsive and open and have approached our interactions with a great attitude and a focus on quick problem resolution. Their engagement and consultation when discussing upcoming features and customisations have made me feel valued and has given me a say in shaping our LMS for the future.

Never lose track of what is important


Each member has a unique InfoFeed home page that provides quick access to their Portfolios, Posts and Events. WorkPlan Info feed keeps people engaged and eliminates wasted time searching.

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Real-time visual analytics

keep you in touch with your people

Members can view

their personal progress against team objectives.

Analytics provide

managers key insights into their teams’ activities.

Export data

to Excel or other data reporting tools.

Modern, Flexible and Easy to Use

Collaborative portfolios with posts, videos, assessments and checklists

Connect with discussion forums, messaging and surveys

Create events and manage attendees

Link teams to goals, objectives, learning, activities and tasks

Interactive advanced visual analytics

Track strategy and people engagement

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Simple Pricing for Every Business

WorkPlan Learning works for smaller teams and businesses of all sizes.
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