4 Top Features of WorkPlan Learning for your team

4 Top Features of WorkPlan Learning for your team

Keeping your team motivated and productive is a challenge many business managers face. Beyond this, there’s been a growing shift in modern management styles. Leaders are continuing to realise the importance of empowering their employees in as many ways as possible. This helps boost morale, productivity and general happiness at work.

For a lot of leaders, this is easier said than done. Luckily, Workplan’s collaborative learning platform is the perfect solution. Read on for the top four features of WorkPlan Learning for your team. 

Everyone can create content to share

Every team member has been hired for a reason. All employees, regardless of their position, likely have incredible ideas that could revolutionise their workplace. When they don’t have a medium to communicate these ideas, your company misses out.

WorkPlan Learning empowers employees with an accessible space where they can share and express their ideas by creating their own content. Employees can deliver useful public or private content to their teammates as well. 

Content delivery is executed in a highly organised fashion with WorkPlan Learning. Users can better organise content delivery and progression of multiple members by assigning them to groups. Plus, content progression for individual members or teams can be tracked in real time.


Learning and knowledge objects are connected to teams and team objectives

All learning on WorkPlan Learning is purpose driven. Leaders can rest assured that learning is highly industry relevant, and can be measured by business needs. This is because content sharing on WorkPlan Learning is highly organised. 

Leaders can ensure their organisation is progressing in the right direction by tracking goals and team objectives, which leaders can assign in real time. Alternatively, if real time tracking does not suit your business, WorkPlan Learning can generate reports instead which can be reviewed at a time that works best for you. 


Everyone in a Portfolio can be a Portfolio manager

WorkPlan Learning facilitates a completely collaborative learning space. All team members can create learning goals that work toward achieving a common goal or objective with the use of Portfolios. These portfolios organise and structure your learning content and information. This feature allows leaders to connect portfolios to people based on their membership to a team. This lets the team collaborate on anything together. 

This flexible feature can be open for full visibility, private for one individual or can be adjusted for partial privacy. Plus, all members of a Portfolio can be a Portfolio manager.



Everyone can search and find learning

Regardless of title or position, every team member can seek new learning opportunities. All members have easy access to subject matter experts for a diverse range of learning topics. Considering 70% of learning takes place on the job, WorkPlan Learning is an essential tool to share and find knowledge team members will benefit from. Whether you are onboarding a new member to your customer service team, developing an employee’s sales skills or cross-skilling a person for promotion, WorkPlan Learning works across multiple industries for a wide variety of skill levels. 

Allowing all members of the team to contribute to goal setting promotes an inclusive and collaborative environment that will achieve results. WorkPlan Learning empowers employees and leaders with a collaborative learning space that promotes creativity, personal and professional development and a highly connected team.

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WorkPlan Learning is a collaborative LMS designed to empower your employees to build and share their knowledge. If you would like to find out how WorkPlan Learning can help your team, contact us today.

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