Don’t Leave Any Team Members Behind

Don’t Leave Any Team Members Behind

Often within companies, businesses and offices, there’s a mindset of ‘what happens if we spend time training the staff and then they just leave?’ There’s a fear of wasted time, energy, resources and money. However, we believe that the question you should be asking yourself is, ‘What if you don’t train your staff and they stay?’. Failure to properly train and support your staff can lead to a much bigger, long term problems which could negatively impact the trajectory of your business. Perhaps your ‘Why should we train the staff?’ attitude is the very reason team members are deciding to leave.

Below are two of the most common reasons that people leave jobs, according to Forbes:

1. People leave when they don’t see opportunities for growth
This is directly related to the level of training and support that you invest in a member of staff. Those who feel they are sitting stagnant within their career will quickly become dissatisfied and less engaged then start looking for opportunities elsewhere. The idea that you shouldn’t spend time training someone because they might leave is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. Bad managers
Victor Lipman’s book on successful leadership has an entire chapter entitled, “People Leave Managers, Not Companies”. When it comes to business, any employees engagement levels are directly impacted by their relationship with their manager. Again, this is a problem which can be solved by an improvement in the resources you invest in your staff. When each team member is on-boarded and appropriately trained, and effective systems are put in place, you inevitably produce successful managers.

So how exactly do you solve these issues? We have the answers below:

The Harvard Business Review released a report which stated that 33% of new hires start searching for a new job within six months of starting with a company. This statistic is a clear indication of the lack of effective onboarding being carried out within businesses.

“onboarding, which is also referred to as ‘organisational socialisation’ is where new hires are physically, emotionally, and professionally incorporated into the existing culture and operations of a new workplace.”

Onboarding in the workplace is crucial as it creates competent employees who understand their role and how they can contribute to the team. It allows you to ensure that your new team member understands the company purpose and goals and so they can strive to help you achieve those goals. Onboarding will also ensure that your new hire feels valued within their new team and isn’t being left behind due to any confusion or lack of engagement.

Training and Development
Training is the practice of developing the knowledge and skill set of your employees- both old and new- which in turn will vastly improve the capabilities of your company. A lack of training will stunt the growth of your business and only serves to stand in the way of progress. Having systems in place to train and develop every member of staff consistently will increase productivity, reduce employee turnover and spur innovation, all of which will be massively beneficial for the long term success of your organisation.

Workplan’s Engagement Platform is guaranteed to keep your staff engaged continuously and on a path of development while helping your business consistently reach its goals and achieve powerful results. For a free consult, contact us today.

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