Elevate Your Team's Potential with our Team Leadership Program!

Elevate Your Team’s Potential with our Team Leadership Program!
Kathleen Bosworth

Are you ready to revolutionise the way your team operates and enrich the lives of your employees?

The key lies in evolving your managers into dynamic, empowering coaches.

The evidence is undeniable. In today’s fast-paced workplace, the most impactful change you can make is to transform your managers into coaches. This approach isn’t just effective; it’s essential.

Imagine managers who not only lead but inspire. Managers who see beyond roles and tasks, recognising the unique strengths and aspirations of each team member. Managers are architects of a vibrant, positive work environment where every individual feels valued and motivated.

The most effective managers are those who set crystal-clear expectations, seamlessly connecting the dots between individual efforts and the broader organisational vision. This alignment ensures that everyone is not just working, but working towards a shared, meaningful goal.

Feedback is a gift, and the best managers know how to present it. They offer consistent, constructive insights that are not just about meeting targets, but about personal and professional growth. Their feedback is a catalyst for improvement, fueling both individual and team performance.

But above all, the most successful managers create a nurturing ecosystem for their teams. They foster an environment of support and growth, where every team member feels secure and empowered to take risks, innovate, and excel.

Equip your managers with the skills they need to become exemplary coaches. Our Team Leadership Program is your gateway to transforming your team leaders and managers and revolutionise how your teams operate.  Our Team Leadership Program includes comprehensive e-learning resources and facilitator tools designed to cultivate exceptional managerial talent.

Create a future where your managers are more than just supervisors; they are coaches, mentors, and the driving force behind a thriving, engaged team.

Use our Team Leadership Program to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

How does the Team Leadership Program work?

You can deliver the WorkPlan Team Leadership Program with your facilitators as an in-house training program or our WorkPlan can facilitate the Team Leadership Program with your team managers.

  • Your team leaders and managers get started with a skills growth map survey.  You are provided a report showing strengths and areas for further growth.
  • Weekly workshops and coaching sessions.
  • Online learning modules – 11 courses with more than with 58 microlearning modules
  • If you are delivering the program in house, we provide all of the Facilitator Resources:
    • Workshop slides, with interactive scenarios
    • Case studies topics for discussion and group activities
    • Discussion forum topics
    • Learner activities
    • Coaching session questions and topics

Create personalised learning pathways

The Team Leadership Program includes the following topic areas.

Team Management Fundamentals
> Introduction to Team Management
> What Makes a Team Effective?
> Communicating with Your Team
> Team Management Tips and Techniques
> Common Team Problems and How to Resolve Them


Delegating Tasks
> The Importance of Delegation
> Why People Don’t Delegate
> What and How to Delegate
> Delegating the Right Tasks to the Right People
> Keeping Control Without Micromanaging


Developing your Team
> A Manager’s Role In Career Development
> The Four Stages of Team Development
> How to Conduct a Gap Analysis
> Choosing the Right Training Methods
> How to Conduct Effective One-On-Ones
> Developing Your Team Through Coaching
> Getting to Know Employees’ Strength, Interests, and Values


Letting an Employee Go
> Good Reasons for Letting an Employee Go
> Steps to Take Before Letting an Employee Go
> How to Tell an Employee They’re Fired
> Mitigating Legal Risks When Letting an Employee Go
> Reassuring Your Team After Someone Is Let Go


Managing Remote Teams
> Hiring Exceptional Remote Talent
> Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams
> Communicating with Remote Teams
> Increasing Accountability on Remote Teams
> Keeping Remote Workers Connected


Motivating Your Team
> What Is Motivation?
> Factors that Influence Motivation
> Improving Employees’ Job Satisfaction to Increase Motivation
> 6 Strategies to Motivate Employees
> Celebrating Wins


New Manager
> Transitioning from Employee to Manager
> 7 New Manager Mistakes to Avoid
> How to Transition from Peer to Boss
> Managing People with More Experience Than You


Performance Management
> Tips for Improving Poor Performance
> How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan
> Managing High Performers
> Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
> Giving Effective Employee Feedback
> Handling Difficult Reactions to Feedback
> How to Effectively Manage Managers
> Continuous Performance Management


Resolving Conflict
> Common Causes of Conflict in the Workplace
> Understanding How People Deal with Conflict
> 6 Steps to Mediate Conflict Between Employees
> Conflict Resolution Tips and Techniques
> Dealing With Frustrated or Angry Employees
> A Manager’s Guide to Dealing with Abusive Behaviour


Team Culture
> What Is Team Culture and Why Does It Matter?
> Types of Team Cultures
> Assessing Your Team Culture
> Creating a Strengths-Based Culture
> Building a Positive Team Culture
> Transforming a Negative Team Culture


Team Dynamics
> Introduction to Team Dynamics and Why They Matter
> Common Roles in a Team
> Characteristics of High-Performing Teams
> Tips for Improving Team Dynamics
> Understanding and Leveraging Different Work Styles
> Managing the Multigenerational Workplace


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Transform your managers into coaches

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