The Future of Business: The Rise of Collaborative Learning Solutions

The Future of Business: The Rise of Collaborative Learning Solutions

The history of LMS and how it is changing the face of online collaborative learning.

Nowadays, businesses in need of collaborative learning solutions almost always turn to a Learning Management System (LMS). In-person group training sessions or individual learning had been the standard for workplace education for decades but with rise of the internet the online LMS was born. To understand why this change happened and how it will impact the future of business, keep reading.

History of LMS

Invented in 1924, Sidney L. Pressey’s Teaching Machine is widely regarded as the first LMS. The machine resembled a stripped-down typewriter with only four keys. A multiple-choice exam paper would be placed into the machine’s barrel, and students would then use the four keys to answer the questions. The machine would only reveal the next answer when the previous one was completed correctly—a feature still used in modern LMS software.

The Teaching Machine would soon be followed by M. E. LaZerte’s Problem Cylinder. While far bulkier than its predecessor, the Cylinder did have a notable advantage, namely its ability to not only check the answer but also the steps taken to answer the question. The next innovation in collaborative learning solutions came with the Self Adaptive Keyboard Instructor or SAKI. This machine was notable for its ability to increase or decrease the complexity of questions based on the performance of the student.

While these mechanical solutions provided a blueprint of what technology-aided learning could be, it wasn’t until the widespread availability of the internet that the modern LMS was born. Learning Management System, Moodle, launched in 2002 and would set the standard for internet-based collaborative learning solutions. As of 2023, there are an estimated 73 million people using LMSs in their workplace or education.

How LMSs are changing businesses

One of the most obvious effects of the mass adoption of LMSs is monetary. Simply put, using an LMS is far cheaper than constant in-person training, so businesses that once paid large amounts for learning solutions may now have money they can invest elsewhere. This price drop may also encourage businesses to assign more educational courses to employees, meaning that the employees of the future can be better educated and more versatile. Furthermore, since an employee’s performance in courses can be monitored, weak points in training can be located more quickly. This will result in new employees delivering better and safer work faster. It is also likely that businesses will focus less on degrees when hiring employees, as they will be able to offer tailored education and be able to monitor the person’s competence themselves.

The Rise of the Collaborative LMS

It has only been in the last few years that the idea of collaborative learning and collaborative learning solutions has really gained momentum. Businesses are now recognising the value of peer-to-peer learning and that their employees need a platform where they can then easily share this knowledge with the wider team. And so collaborative learning solutions such as WorkPlan Learning were born.

WorkPlan Learning is designed to be collaborative. It enables everyone to create and share knowledge across teams and with your clients to echange best practices, build skills, ask questions and provide feedback quickly.

At Workplan, we are experts in collaborative learning solutions. Workplan Learning, is one of the simplest, cleanest, and most versatile programs available. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

How WorkPlan Learning can help

WorkPlan Learning is a collaborative LMS that keeps all your business’s training content in one place, making professional development easily accessible to all your employees. With its collaborative features, our platform provides a space for your employees to provide feedback and identify areas for growth, making it easier for them to stay on top of their professional development.

To learn more about how WorkPlan Learning can benefit your business, Book an Obligation-Free Discussion Today, or Try Our Free Demo.

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