6 Ways to Harvest a Positive Culture with a Remote Workforce

6 ways to harvest a positive culture with a remote workforce
harvest a positive culture with a remote workforce

By now, we’re all very aware of how remote working is taking over the world in 2020. Digitalisation and technology have given us the capability to work effectively from pretty much anywhere, not to mention the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that working from home is the safer option for many people. Many managers and business owners fear that remote working can lead to a lack of engagement and a disjointedness within their team but that most definitely doesn’t have to be the case. Read our guide below on maintaining a positive culture amongst your remote workforce

Keep in Touch

When managing a remote workforce, it’s crucial that you maintain steady and consistent communication. When each of your team members is working in different locations it’s easy for people to become misaligned with one another. We suggest having daily video calls with the whole team to ensure that everyone’s on the same page and to provide a forum where people can voice any questions or concerns they may have instead of stewing over them at home. This will help your team members to maintain perspective and prevent them from feeling out of their depth or alone.

Take Breaks and Encourage Holidays

Many employees enjoy working from home because it provides more flexibility and saves them both time and money when it comes to commuting. The downside is that it can be more difficult to set boundaries between your work and your personal life when working from home. You can counteract this by encouraging your employees to take small breaks throughout the day just to go into another part of their home or even out for a quick 10-minute stroll. It’s also crucial that you allow them to take trips and holidays when possible throughout the year since this will really help your employees to temporarily get out of their ‘work zone’.

One-to-One Meetings

While team meetings are great and necessary, it’s also good to organise one-to-one meetings and check-in with each of your staff every now and again. The benefits of these meetings are twofold: your employees will feel valued which will boost staff retention and you can also gauge where your employees are in terms of work and mindset, and allow them to air any concerns they may have. This is an excellent way to prevent or get a handle on any issues before they spiral out of control. When you think about it, office work culture often allows you to touch base with each of your colleagues and team on a regular basis so you’re simply emulating that interaction with a video call.

Team Bonding Activities

While remote workforces are highly effective in 2020 with the technology that we all have access to, you still can’t beat a bit of in-person team bonding every now and again. Every few months, organise a fun social activity where you can all get together and enjoy a bit of human interaction. This helps your team members feel more loyal and connected to one another which will make your team productive. Team bonding exercises will also be great for the mental wellbeing of your staff since it gives them a reason to get out of the house and enjoy an activity that’s outside of their standard routine.

Effective Remote Hiring

Creating a positive remote work culture starts with the kind of people you hire and how you hire them. You need to ensure that you’re hiring team members who are cut out for remote working and will be capable of making meaningful and successful contributions to the team. What’s more, you need to make sure you have effective onboarding systems in place to ensure that new employees hit the ground running and feel confident in their role. To learn more about how you can hire the right employee, read our recent article, ‘A Complete Guide to Effective Remote Hiring’.

Use Effective Workflow Systems and Training

Workflow systems are a good component to have in place for any business, but they’re even more critical when managing a remote workforce. Workflow systems mean that each of your team members has a clear understanding of what projects they’re working on, who else they’re collaborating with on the team and what their deadlines are. Everyone can easily manage their own workload without any confusion. It’s vital that you have training programs in place that allow your team to grow and remain engaged no matter where they’re working from. WorkPlan Learning is a platform that allows your team to track their work, learn while they’re working and collaborate effectively with one another.

WorkPlan Learning is designed to keep your team engaged and working cohesively no matter what your location or work style. If you want to make sure the goals of your team are aligned and guarantee your businesses success, get in touch with us for a free trial today!

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