How WorkPlan Learning Strengthens Your Not-for-Profit Organisation

How WorkPlan Learning Strengthens Your Not-for-Profit Organisation
Brian Clark

WorkPlan Learning shares how to build engagement, capability, performance, culture, and effectiveness in your not-for-profit organisation.

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is large and very diverse across many different parameters including size, location, leadership, funding, and the employed and volunteer workforces. Across this dynamic sector, there are persistent ongoing challenges facing not-for-profit organisations.

In this article, we will explain how WorkPlan helps NFPs solve six of the most common problems facing the sector. By using the WorkPlan Learning LMS, Not For Profit organisations can support change and achieve sustainable ongoing positive outcomes and viability.

1. Leadership Development

Leadership is not based on hierarchy. An effective organisation encourages and develops leadership across its workforce. Developing leadership is best performed using multiple modalities including instructor-led workshops, behaviour modelling, mentoring and online learning. WorkPlan Learning supports all modalities with tools and features to fully engage people in leadership development.

WorkPlan Learning has 20 professionally created leadership development courses available for online delivery. These range from crisis management, emotional intelligence, and leadership fundamentals to leadership styles.

Your organisation may also create its own leadership development courses specific to your requirements and culture. The content authoring tools in WorkPlan Learning are easy to use and create attractive and engaging content including quizzes, assessments, and surveys.

Instructor lead workshops and mentoring programs are supported by several features in WorkPlan Learning. These include the events manager, strategic goals and objectives, content authoring, surveys and information management for meetings, phone calls and notes relating to a person in a program or workshop.

WorkPlan Learning Collaborative LMS - Portfolio screen

2. People management

WorkPlan Learning is an effective tool in supporting your organisation to manage people effectively by linking training, learning and content development with your organisation’s strategic goals and cascading these to team objectives. WorkPlan Learning enables every person to have a line of sight between information, skills and learning to the strategic goals of the organisation. At the team level, every team can have a set of objectives that encourages engagement and focus on the right activities to drive results for the organisation.

With your WorkPlan Learning subscription, your organisation will have access to 60 online learning modules on team and people management.

3. Organisational Strategy

We have a hands-on interactive strategy development program we offer clients to align the organisation to a shared purpose, gain clarity of goals and build a sustainable, thriving not-for-profit organisation. This program is ideally delivered face to face, but you may choose an online option. The duration of the program may depend on the complexity of your organisation and the number of people participating in the program.

WorkPlan Learning is used to provide supporting tools, online training, and other content to participants in the program. The strategic goals are added to WorkPlan Learning to ensure engagement with people within your organisation.

4. Strengthening HR

You can build your performance review process in WorkPlan Learning to keep all information in one place. The process may include self and peer assessments, discussions, goal setting and ongoing tracking of process. Development plans may be added that include coaching and mentoring courses within the WorkPlan Learning course catalogue, courses developed by your organisation and external training.

There are 47 online learning modules included in your WorkPlan Learning subscription for upskilling and developing your HR people and their functional responsibilities.

WorkPlan Learning Collaborative LMS - On-screen page features

5. Recruitment

The demand for people across all sectors of the economy has never been stronger. It is hard for any organisation to attract and retain people, particularly when specialised skills or experience are required. Many in the not-for-profit sector have the added challenge of attracting and retaining volunteers.

WorkPlan Learning will dramatically improve the recruitment and onboarding experience for employees and volunteers. Potential candidates are provided access to WorkPlan Learning to access information about your organisation. We will help you create engaging content that will differentiate your organisation from others. You will achieve this by including videos and other content that speaks about your vision, purpose, goals, and culture. You may also wish to include some insights from your clients and beneficiaries.

When a candidate logs into WorkPlan Learning, you can see what information they’ve viewed and when they viewed it. This information will alert you to the need to follow up once they have completed their experience in WorkPlan Learning. You may also include the ability for candidates to upload their resume if they are provided access early in the recruitment process. You may also include a survey or two to understand your candidate more and help ensure a good cultural fit if the recruitment process continues.

6. Health and Wellbeing

We have included 11 online course modules about well-being within WorkPlan Learning. These cover mental health, grief, and substance abuse. These modules are ideal for managers, employees, and volunteers for themselves individually and those with whom they work.

Resilience is a key contributor to workplace well-being. In WorkPlan Learning we have 20 modules on Resilience, and these are also ideal for managers, employees, and volunteers. These topics include building resilient teams, emotional and physical resilience, and increasing mental agility, just to name a few.

WorkPlan Learning Collaborative LMS - On-screen page features

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How WorkPlan Learning can help

Strengthen your NFP organisation by driving higher levels of people engagement, efficient onboarding and upskilling using WorkPlan Learning – a collaborative Not For Profit LMS.

If you are interested in a confidential discussion or would like to learn more, please contact us today.

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