We have all the puzzle pieces for you to help you achieve your business vision

We have all the puzzle pieces for you to help you achieve your business vision

At WorkPlan, we know exactly what it takes to fulfil your business vision but first, what is a ” business vision” and how do you recognise yours? Your vision is an image of what your company will look like at a certain point in the future. However, you will never reach that point unless you take the time to understand the complexity of the various elements which come into play and precisely intertwine to build your company vision.

Take a second to imagine your business vision as a jigsaw puzzle. There are many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, all of which are necessary and must be strategically placed to create the complete image:

The Corner Pieces are your Company Purpose
When doing a jigsaw puzzle it’s generally pretty smart to start with your corner pieces- you know the ones with the two straight edges? These pieces give you a solid understanding of the kind of framework that you’re going to be building your puzzle within, and you’ll struggle to make progress without these initial indicators.

In the same way that you must begin with the corner pieces, you can’t start to achieve your business vision if you don’t have the solid foundation of a purpose or a ‘why?’. Your purpose is the pillar around which your organisation is built, and every business decision and action you make should fit into that original ‘why?’. Your purpose shouldn’t be particularly money-orientated as that’s kind of a given when it comes to business. You need to have a deeper, more motivating driving-force behind your organisation; otherwise, you will become stuck and struggle to find a path.

The Edge Pieces are your Company Mission
After you’ve found the corner pieces of your jigsaw puzzle and you have a vague idea of a square or rectangular shape sitting in front of you, generally you’ll look for the pieces that make up the edges of your puzzle. You begin to mould a definite shape and a final image as you use these pieces to connect the original corner pieces.

Just like those edge pieces, the next thing you’ll need to craft a strong company vision is your mission. If your purpose is the answer to ‘why”, is your mission the answer to ‘how?’ How will you accomplish your goal? What are the actions that will pave a path to your purpose and help you fulfil it? What may distract you from your purpose? Your mission is directly connected to your purpose and provides your strategy with direction while begin to unlock the bigger picture.

The Middle Pieces are your Values
The middle pieces of your puzzle come next, and this is when things start to fall into place. Now that you’ve built such a good foundation with your corner pieces and edge pieces, it’s easier to envision where those other pieces should go. Your middle pieces start to add substance to the puzzle.

In the same way, your values make up a massive part of your identity as an organisation and reflect what you stand for as human beings- something which consumers today are paying more attention to than ever. Your values ‘who’ you are as an organisation. Having established your purpose and mission, you now need to focus on the relevant values and traits which will help you to build your vision further.

The Final Pieces are your Goals
With every puzzle, you get those final satisfying pieces where everything clicks into place and seems to make sense. Maybe they’re pieces you struggled with earlier picking them up and setting them down again, confused about where exactly they went.

These final jigsaw pieces are just like your company goals. Goals are the last step in building and achieving a company vision. They’re exact qualitative or quantitative measures of how to fulfil your purpose and achieve your vision. Often people struggle to set goals or follow through with them because they don’t first have a clear understanding of their purpose, their mission, their values or perhaps all three. Your goals are those short term and long term steps you can make to contribute to your bigger and ultimate picture.

When even one piece is missing from a jigsaw puzzle, the picture will never be complete. In the same way, it’s impossible to fulfil your business vision without all of the necessary components. Also, just like a puzzle, each piece of your company vision must work in tandem with the others to create alignment.

Our WorkPlan Business Programs and our WorkPlan Engagement Platform are specifically designed to create this kind of cohesion within your organisation. We specialise in identifying a compelling purpose, creating a strategic mission, instilling effective values and developing personalised roadmaps with goals. At WorkPlan, we don’t believe in quick fixes, we believe in innovation which genuinely shakes things up and results in engagement, alignment and development across the board.

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