5 Things Employees Expect from Training

5 Things Employees Expect from Training

WorkPlan outlines 5 aspects modern employees expect from their training programs.

When implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) into your business, you may be wondering what your new and existing employees will expect from their training in order to effectively retain their new knowledge and apply it to their work. Modern employees have higher expectations from their training, and therefore your chosen e-Learning software, when entering a new workplace or upskilling. Below are 5 things that employees expect when completing work-based training.

Their trainer will be helpful.

When designing and implementing a training program for your people, you must be willing to offer frequent and constructive feedback on how they are progressing with their learning. Employees expect that you will monitor their training to ensure they are on the right track, as well as provide feedback when necessary to produce highly competent (and confident) team members. This is what sets WorkPlan Learning apart from other LMSs – it allows both users and managers to access analytics and reports to monitor their engagement, activity and productivity while using the software.

Their training content will be easy to understand.

No new employee wants to feel confused or out of their depth when training for their role. Because of this, it is important to structure your training effectively to ensure you are not overwhelming new employees or disengaging existing team members. To do this, you must break down training courses into more palatable, easy-to-navigate modules. With WorkPlan Learning, you can structure and break down your content so that it is more easily consumed and understood by your team members.

Their training will be engaging.

Modern employees do not want to spend their inductions simply reading documents or listening to long-winded, one-sided seminars. To keep your employees interested and excited about their new positions, your training needs to be engaging, challenging and enjoyable. Unlike other LMSs that are designed and used just to tick boxes on compliance requirements, WorkPlan Learning is an e-Learning software that allows you to use interactive elements to keep your people engaged with their training.

Their training will be efficient and concise.

Training that is to the point and specified is desirable for modern employees. Furthermore, employees expect their training to be relevant and tailored to their specific job roles and responsibilities. Thus, training should address their specific needs and be delivered efficiently so that employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills without causing disruptions to their work activities.

They will be able to access more training in the future.

Now more than ever, employees are wanting to continue to develop in their careers by learning new skills and completing more training. In fact, 75% of Australian workers state they are eager to learn new skills. Thus, offering further training is an attractive incentive for prospective employees who are looking to further their knowledge and perform more effectively in their roles. To accommodate this expectation, WorkPlan Learning includes access to over 1000 online training courses for upskilling – going above and beyond your average LMS’s offerings.

WorkPlan Learning is so much more than an LMS – it is an e learning software that allows you to effectively train your people with ease, whether they are new or existing employees. Contact WorkPlan today to access your free demo.

How WorkPlan Learning can help

WorkPlan Learning is a collaborative LMS that keeps all your business’s training content in one place, making professional development easily accessible to all your employees. With its collaborative features, our platform provides a space for your employees to provide feedback and identify areas for growth, making it easier for them to stay on top of their professional development.

To learn more about how WorkPlan Learning can benefit your business, Book an Obligation-Free Discussion Today, or Try Our Free Demo.

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