Personal Growth Mapping: 5 Strategies to Elevate Your Team Leadership Skills

Personal Growth Mapping: 5 Strategies to Elevate Your Team Leadership Skills
Kathleen Bosworth

Personal Growth Mapping: 5 Strategies to Elevate Your Team Leadership Skills

Personal Growth Mapping can be an essential strategy to elevate your team leadership capabilities.

Most things in life are all a matter of perspective.  That is true when you look at a Gap Analysis versus Personal Growth Mapping.  The primary difference between a gap analysis and personal growth mapping boils down to the perspective from which each approach is undertaken—whether it’s from a deficiency outlook or a growth outlook.

Gap Analysis with a Deficiency Outlook

Gap analysis traditionally starts with identifying where you currently stand and where you want to be, with a strong focus on the “gaps” or deficiencies that exist between these two points. It is a critical tool for strategic planning and improvement, especially in business and project management contexts. The emphasis is on what’s missing, lacking, or needs improvement to reach the desired state. This approach can be incredibly effective for problem-solving and addressing specific issues directly. However, it can inadvertently foster a negative mindset by highlighting shortcomings and areas of weakness.

Growth Mapping with a Growth Outlook

Growth mapping, on the other hand, adopts a more positive and proactive stance. It’s about charting a path for development based on where you want to go, focusing on leveraging strengths and identifying opportunities for growth. This approach encourages a mindset of continuous improvement and potential, rather than fixating on what’s wrong or what’s lacking. Growth mapping is particularly useful for personal development, leadership enhancement, and team building, as it promotes motivation, engagement, and a forward-thinking attitude.

Shifting Perspective

From Problems to Potential

The shift from gap analysis to growth mapping is essentially a shift in focus from problems to potential. While gap analysis asks, “What’s missing?” growth mapping asks, “Where or how can I grow?” This doesn’t mean ignoring areas that need improvement; rather, it’s about approaching those areas with a mindset of development and opportunity.

Motivational Impact

The growth outlook inherent in growth mapping can be more motivating and empowering for individuals and teams. It builds on the premise that everyone has inherent strengths and potential that can be developed. This positive outlook can foster a more engaging and supportive environment conducive to learning and innovation.

While both gap analysis and growth mapping are valuable tools for development and strategic planning, the choice between them can significantly affect the approach, mindset, and motivation of individuals and teams involved. Adopting a growth mapping perspective doesn’t mean neglecting areas that need improvement but rather growth mapping puts those areas within a positive and constructive context.

5 Strategies for Growth Mapping Your Team Leadership Capabilities:

1. Self-Assessment and Reflection

Begin with a thorough self-assessment to understand your current leadership strengths and areas for growth.

Action Steps:

  • Utilise leadership frameworks to evaluate your skills.
  • Reflect on feedback from peers, superiors, and team members.
  • Identify key areas where your leadership approach can be enhanced or needs evolving.

2. Setting Growth Objectives

Define clear, actionable growth objectives that align with both your personal leadership aspirations and your team’s needs.

Action Steps:

  • Prioritise areas for development based on your self-assessment.
  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for your leadership growth.
  • Ensure these objectives contribute to your team’s success and organisational goals.

3. Developing a Learning and Development Plan

Craft a personalised learning and development plan that addresses your growth objectives through targeted activities and resources.

Action Steps:

  • Select workshops, courses, or training programs focused on your areas for growth.
  • Engage in cross-functional projects or roles to gain new perspectives and skills.
  • Schedule regular check-ins with a mentor or coach to discuss progress and challenges.

4. Implementing and Practicing New Skills

Apply new knowledge and skills in your leadership role, focusing on practical implementation and continuous practice.

Action Steps:

  • Introduce new strategies or techniques in your team management practices.
  • Seek opportunities for practical application, such as leading a new project or initiative.
  • Encourage feedback from your team on changes in your leadership style.

5. Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Your Plan

Regularly review your progress towards your growth objectives and adjust your plan as needed to ensure continued development.

Action Steps:

  • Establish milestones to assess your progress.
  • Reflect on what is working and what needs adjustment.
  • Update your growth map based on experiences, feedback, and changing team dynamics.

Personal Growth Mapping is a continuous journey of self-improvement.  By committing to growth mapping your team leadership skills, you not only enhance your own capabilities but also inspire and uplift your entire team.

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