Automation: An Essential Guide For Small Businesses

Automation: An Essential Guide For Small Businesses

In the modern business world automation is a must. As a small business owner, you’re required to keep up with the big-league players because of client expectations, but the trouble is you’re likely working with a fraction of the workforce. 

Automation is the solution that has helped business owners worldwide run their practice smoothly and more effectively than ever before. Thanks to management systems and algorithmic technology, businesses of any size can transform into more profitable enterprises. 

Across all industries, nearly 80% of top-performing companies used marketing automation, according to the research firm Gleanster. But it’s not just big corporations that can utilise this technology. 


Here are three simple steps to decide if and when to incorporate automation into your structure. 


Know When It’s The Right Time To Automate 

It’s never too early to start implementing automation processes. It will save you time, money and human resources; but we understand the desire to do everything by hand. Automation shifts from a luxury to a necessity when your business starts to expand and your teams can no longer manage the demands alone, or communication complications are becoming more and more prevalent. 

Automation helps iron out preventable issues and allows your staff to focus on productive work instead of wasting precious hours on data transfer. 

For example, WorkPlan Learning is a smart and simple education and learning platform designed for the modern workforce. It highlights collaborative peer-to-peer learning, promoting group problem solving instead of burdening one person with an unattainable goal. 


The best time to incorporate automation is when: 


  1. Work Process Is Already Standardised

If you have an established workflow system, it’s the ideal time to bring on automation communication software. When your workers know exactly how to communicate and transfer data, a good automation system will improve this process’s expediency. 

  1. Common Miscommunication Problems

Miscommunication can derail an entire operation. If this problem impacts you regularly, you have a lot to gain from an automated system. Unlike email chains that are often lost in clutter or in-person conversations that can be misinterpreted, automation makes communication simple and accessible. 

  1. Accountability Problems

Manual workflow makes it challenging to see the quality of the work someone is doing. Automation allows business owners to understand what work the employees are doing and for how long. This gives better ability to reward good work ethic and pick up on areas that are lacking.

  1. Difficulty Tracking Completion/Progress Of Work 

As a business owner, you need to have full transparency in your company to ensure all processes are running smoothly. Automation allows you to check the status of any projects at any time. No longer do you have to deal with loose “it’s almost done” promises; instead you can break down jobs of any size and get a percentile statistic on its completion time. 



Remove The Anti-Automation Mindset 

There is a stigma attached to automation because of the worry that it removes jobs. But the fact is few people lose their jobs because of automation; instead, businesses make efforts to relocate workers to a field where human interaction will work better. 

Automation can’t replace a human’s influence. However, it does streamline workflow, vastly enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Get The Ball Rolling

Once you’ve decided to automate an aspect of your business, it’s time to make it happen. The final puzzle piece is finding the right automation solution for you. How you automate is as important as the tasks you want it to cover. You’ll need the support of suitable automation tools. That’s where WorkPlan comes in. 

Whether you need to update an existing LMS or are searching for your first one, WorkPlan Learning is an essential tool to automate learning and communication in your team. WorkPlan Learning lets everyone in your organisation learn collaboratively, get on the same page, and go in the same direction.

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