WorkPlan is not your average Learning Management System

WorkPlan is not your average Learning Management System

Have you ever started a new job and been forced to sit through a dreary ream of health and safety videos? Or does your place of work have an annual, online policy update quiz? In recent years, learning management systems have become somewhat of a benign, box-ticking exercise for HR, when they truly have the potential to be a much more effective tool. WorkPlan have decided that it’s time to take action and fulfil this potential.

Whether you have an existing LMS or not, WorkPlan is an essential tool for your team with several major benefits:


Our entire platform is based around the idea of engaging and stimulating your workforce, no matter how big or small. At WorkPlan, we believe that the opposite of engagement is stagnation. Much like a stagnant lake with muddy water, your staff will lose focus without a clear sense of purpose. Instead, picture your staff as a river that is constantly being replenished and moving forward with a clear path of progress. At WorkPlan, we provide this stimulation in the form of:

Collaborative PortfoliosVideos
Interactive Advanced Visual Analytics


At WorkPlan we believe that true cohesion is achieved by a common, ultimate goal. Alignment starts with your business purpose and objectives. Our platform allows you to heavily incorporate these goals into every piece of content and learning material that your staff come into contact with. Ensuring that every single member of your team understands, and is motivated by, the ‘why’ of your company, will maximise efficiency and result in your business running like a well-oiled machine.


WorkPlan gives every employee in your organisation the opportunity to create and share ideas, skills and knowledge for the benefit of all. Not only are your staff constantly developing and learning, but WorkPlan creates a self-sustaining and practical learning environment in which team members effortlessly contribute to the progress and development of their colleagues’ skillset and knowledge.

What’s more, WorkPlan encourages you to track strategy and engagement which allows you to gain insight into the structures and systems which are most effective and beneficial to your staff and team. Long term development and adaptation are essential when sustaining a successful workforce and working towards business objectives.

WorkPlan’s Engagement Platform is disrupting the market and changing the way learning management systems work. Transform your company into an engaged, effective and developmental workspace and watch your staff as they become a motivated and cohesive unit, striving towards a better goal. Revolutionise how your organisation works with the WorkPlan Engagement Platform. Request a demo to test the platform in your organisation.

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