How To Head Off The Beaten Track Safely

How To Head Off The Beaten Track Safely

Running a business is stressful, and sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Forget the boardroom meetings and the company strategy and head on a trip to somewhere new and exciting that will help you gain a bit of perspective. Sometimes this adventurous attitude is what’s missing from your business. Below are some tips on how to head off the beaten track, both on holiday and in business, but safely and successfully:

Look for the things that are missing

Today, the places we travel to and the holidays that we book are often influenced by social media. When we see an Instagram post of someone with a fruity cocktail and their legs sprawled lazily on a poolside lounger, we often think ‘I wish that were me’. While this is no doubt a relaxing experience, the problem is that this is exactly what everyone else is doing. If you really want to get off the beaten track, head to those places that you don’t often see featured or splashed across the window of a travel agency. Find the places that people aren’t crowding to have a more eye-opening and unique experience that you’ll return feeling refreshed.

This mindset can be adapted to our business decisions. Often in business, we either try to replicate the success of others, or we are easily influenced by the companies, companies or products around us. However, the people who achieve true success are those who dare to break the mould and deviate from the norm. Perhaps you should try evaluating your business plan and injecting some of that same adventurous attitude into it.

Bring a map

While the idea of spinning a globe, closing your eyes and booking a flight to the first place that your finger lands on is pretty appealing, you shouldn’t necessarily just throw all caution to the wind. You first need to educate yourself on your destination. Is it a relatively safe place to be? Is it physically accessible? Make sure to do your research, and make a bit of a plan for your trip because heading off the beaten track doesn’t mean that you have to be reckless. And always buy a physical map- if you’re venturing down the road less travelled you may not always have access to wifi, Google Maps or a satnav.

In business, we should always follow the same rule- bring a map. Except with business we aren’t talking about a literal, geographical map, we’re talking about a business plan. While it’s important to carve your own path to success, you should always create a roadmap for yourself, carefully evaluating your decisions and considering the various possible outcomes.

workplan take a map

Trust your instincts

When venturing off the beaten track, you have to listen to your gut. If a certain area or situation feels a bit suspicious, or you’re getting a bad feeling about something, then you’re probably right. From scams to crime to political unrest and everything in between, there are various reasons that a scenario can become unsafe. If you don’t feel comfortable, get out.

Just like when we’re travelling, it’s important to trust your instincts when making business decisions. Often we can just feel it in our gut that we’re making the right decision and other times we feel uneasy about a business situation. Whether it be a business partner that you don’t trust or a deal that seems too good to be true or an employee who doesn’t have the company’s best interests at heart, listen to that voice in your head. It’s usually right.

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