Stay Engaged With Customers & Clients During The Holiday Period

Stay Engaged With Customers & Clients During The Holiday Period

With the Christmas holiday period approaching, now is the perfect time to strategise how you plan on keeping your business in the front of your customers’ minds over the next couple of months. The Christmas/New Year period tends to be one of the most notorious times where businesses look at their budgets and adjust their spending. On top of this, it is of course the time where your company and other businesses will temporarily close.

With these factors in mind, keeping your clients engaged over the holidays can be tough, but it is critical. Fortunately, there are many easy ways your business can stay engaged with clients and customers during this time – with the help of collaborative learning management systems (LMS). Creating content ahead of time and staying relevant with your clients is a key component of bolstering your presence during the silly season. Read on for our top tips to stay relevant with clients over the holidays.

Capitalise On Increases In Online Activity

Holiday periods always see increases in online activity, and this is especially pertinent to the silly season. If your business sells online content to customers via a course or subscription, it’s important you have your e-commerce ready and in place for the holidays. You can organise your internal team and external customers, and even create a new branded platform for your customers tailored to the Christmas season, with the WorkPlan Learning LMS software. This streamlined e-commerce strategy can help drive your sales at this important time.

Enrich The Experience

To keep your clients engaged during the holidays, you’ll want to be sharing content that really engages them, helping to solidify the relationship and boost customer loyalty. On top of many paid courses you may have, releasing free, interactive content keeps your customers engaged and reminds them of the value your company provides.

Through WorkPlan Learning, you may choose to easily share free educational videos related to your specialisation. You can even use video content to promote any paid online courses you have, which will give a personalised touch to your holiday marketing strategy.

Keep Your Clients In The Loop

Business activity for both your company and your clients’ will naturally decrease during the holiday period. But so your clients don’t think you’ve gone quiet, make an effort to keep them in the loop. Put plans in place to share content during this time. To keep clients aware of their strategic goals, you may choose to set up Portfolios on WorkPlan Learning. These Portfolios can be open or private and can be linked to strategic goals and objectives.

Looking at lighter content that adds personality and depth to your business, start sharing other types of content – perhaps a video on how employees will be spending the Christmas break. Investing in these communications activities using WorkPlan Learning will help to maintain the strong relationships you have built with your clients.

Keep The Conversation Two-Way

With WorkPlan Learning, your customers can communicate with you. These communications can take many forms. Customers may be able to share their thoughts on content you have published, or, you may actively encourage a conversation. During the holiday period, a great way to open the conversation with your customers is with online quizzes or surveys.

WorkPlan Learning LMS includes a comprehensive authoring tool can be used by any person you choose and facilitates the sharing of quizzes and surveys, as well as videos, images, external links, checklists and attachments.

Create & Manage Events And Forums

Your clients may have a lot of events to attend during this period – they may be struggling to keep up! Here’s where creating specific events on WorkPlan Learning will be a massive help to your clients. If you have any Christmas events, you can schedule open, assigned or invite-only events (and even online events) with attendance lists and auto-populated Outlook calendars.

Embrace The Holiday Season

Of course, we do have to embrace the holiday season and accept that things will be a little quieter than usual. However, with WorkPlan Learning, you can establish your LMS to be up and running well before the holidays start. This works as an excellent solution to keep your clients engaged during the Christmas season. To learn more about WorkPlan Learning, contact our team today. Also, be sure to check out the free trial here.

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