How Consultants Use WorkPlan Learning To Grow Their Practice.

How Consultants Use WorkPlan Learning To Grow Their Practice

WorkPlan Learning is designed with tools and features that make it a great fit for consultants seeking to improve their delivery of services to their clients and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

With more people working outside of offices by choice or necessity, it is important that consultants can collaborate and engage deeply while delivering projects and services to clients regardless of location.

Create and Sell Courses and Other Content Online

WorkPlan has a range of options for creating engaging content. If you are interested in leveraging your intellectual property by selling it online, we have the perfect solution. WorkPlan Learning is e-commerce enabled and you can sell one course or entire programs.

Delivering Consulting Projects

WorkPlan Learning includes many features and tools that improve your ability to engage with your clients to deliver great results no matter the type of consulting project you engage in. WorkPlan Learning includes tools such as checklists, surveys, assessments, strategic goals, team objectives and detailed analytics to help you achieve great results for your clients. Schedule events, provide supporting materials and use forums to build a community of practice and share ideas and innovations.

Building Strategy With Supporting Goals and Team Objectives

Using supporting goals and team objectives linked to content, you provide your clients with clear strategic alignment that will engage all people in your clients’ organisation. Use the content creation tools to document strategic plans and make them come alive with media, checklists, surveys, discussion forums and feedback. As a consultant use WorkPlan Learning to engage more deeply and for a longer period by providing your clients access to WorkPlan Learning during the consulting project and beyond.

Measuring Engagement and Progress Against Goals and Objectives

WorkPlan Learning includes deep, easy-to-use visual analytics for both users and managers to measure the key metrics that contribute to learning, engagement, productivity, and execution. Users have individualised reports to measure progress in their learning to help achieve strategic goals and team objectives. Managers and team leaders can access data indicating assessment and survey results, progress in learning, and levels of engagement within teams or across the organisation.

Building Processes and Workflow

Help your clients gain higher levels of productivity and execution by helping them develop processes and workflows in WorkPlan Learning. Deliver training, process maps, checklists, and track engagement to ensure processes and workflows are embedded in the organisation. WorkPlan is great for ‘learning on the job’ and delivering ‘micro’ learning to improve productivity.

Create A Client Community

WorkPlan Learning is the perfect solution to create communities of practice within your clients’ organisations. Build a community for your consulting practice to share your expertise, invite contribution and social interaction with clients, prospects, and other thought leaders. WorkPlan will be an integral part of your client acquisition and retention strategy.

Creating and Distributing Online and Blended Learning Content

Create learning courses for your clients using the range of content authoring options in WorkPlan Learning. Support your face-to-face and webinar sessions with content and learning to encourage application and retention of learning. Record your presentations and meetings and add them to WorkPlan Learning for your clients to access whenever they want.

Creating and Implementing Performance Management

Develop performance plans with people and use a collaborative process to record and measure progress against goals. Create goals aligned with the organisation’s strategy and schedule performance review meetings. You can assign learning or other activities for persons needing more skills or seeking more professional development. WorkPlan Learning enables organisations to create positive performance management experiences for people.

Implementing WorkPlan Learning For Your Clients

Your clients need WorkPlan Learning to help them solve multiple business needs in one easy-to-use platform. As a consultant, you can design and implement WorkPlan Learning for your clients. WorkPlan Learning is so flexible, and these are among the most popular use cases:

  • Learning and onboarding.
  • People engagement.
  • Strategic planning and alignment.
  • Performance support and management.
  • Client engagement and service delivery.
  • Content and educational marketing
  • Prospect engagement to speed sales cycles.
  • Capture and share knowledge within the organisation.

Learn more about WorkPlan Learning here.

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