Choosing the right LMS for your Not-for-Profit Organisation

Choosing the right LMS for your Not-for-Profit Organisation

WorkPlan outlines aspects to consider when choosing the right collaborative LMS system for your charity or Not-for-Profit organisation.

Implementing a collaborative LMS system can be a valuable tool for Not-for-Profit organisations to streamline the process of onboarding new staff and volunteers, as well as training and nurturing existing employees. If you’re in the market for a collaborative LMS for your Not-for-Profit, there are a number of points you need to consider:

Is it customisable?

Not-for-Profit organisations often have employees and volunteers with a wide range of skills and skill levels. You may also require specific training elements due to the nature of your organisation, such as compliance training. Thus, it is important to select an LMS system that is easily customisable to meet the learning needs of your employees and volunteers. WorkPlan offers a highly customisable and innovative platform, that provides your employees or volunteers with the tools to learn with online training courses that can be shared with your organisation and its supporters.

Is it user friendly and efficient?

Not-for-Profit organisations are often short on time when it comes to educating employees, so implementing a user-friendly and efficient LMS is essential. When overviewing a system, consider how easy it is to create new content, what multimedia aspects can be incorporated, and how quickly you can publish new content. As part of the full-managed service option, WorkPlan can manage set-up, branding, course allocations and ongoing user management – ultimate efficiency for your employee training.

Does it allow for mobile learning?

In 2021, it was recorded that more the 20 percent of Australian professionals work from home. This includes Not-for-Profits, which commonly have workers dispersed across the country (or world!) in different chapters or groups. If this is the case for your organisation, it is essential that your selected LMS allows for easy remote learning. WorkPlan allows for employees and volunteers from all over the world to easily access training – no matter where your organisation is based.

Is it cost effective?

As a Not-for-Profit organisation, we are sure that you would like as much of your available funds to go towards the mission of your organisation, rather than overhead expenses. Because of this, it is important to select an LMS system that is cost effective. Workplan Learning is an LMS system that provides user-based low-cost, high-quality training for their employees.

WorkPlan Learning is a collaborative LMS system that was designed with the needs of Not-for-Profit organisations in mind. Contact us for a free demo today and discover how Workplan Learning can help you train, upskill and engage your employees and volunteers.

How WorkPlan Learning can help

WorkPlan Learning is a collaborative LMS that keeps all your business’s training content in one place, making professional development easily accessible to all your employees. The collaborative capabilities of WorkPlan Learning allow your employees to keep on top of their professional development by giving them room to give feedback and raise any gaps in knowledge.

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Make 2024 the year to nail your training and onboarding process!

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