It’s Time to Turn the Outdated Learning Management (LMS) Models on Their Head

It’s Time to Turn the Outdated Learning Management (LMS) Models on Their Head
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In 2020, the traditional learning management system (LMS) models have become ineffective and could, in actual fact, be doing more harm than good to your organisation and team. An outdated LMS is likely preventing your organisation or business from growing as much as your competitors and others in your industry.

Before we explain why exactly that is, let’s establish what we mean when we refer to an LMS as being “outdated”. There are 3 main indicators when it comes to identifying an outdated LMS and we’ve outlined them below:

  1. Outdated LMS models tend to contain huge amounts of information which it consistently thrusts upon your team and management
  2. A system that is generic and rigid, forcing your organisation to fit their mould rather than the other way around.
  3. And finally, traditional LMS models tend to be heavily based around the concept of “going to” or “attending” training (whether that be in person or online) instead of incorporating learning into your daily tasks and routine.

So what exactly is the problem with an LMS that functions in these ways?

Point #1

By now, there are copious amounts of research and experimentation out there that shows us that people simply cannot learn by having large amounts of information essentially shoved in their face. It’s not engaging and the information won’t be retained. This is exactly why the LMS model outlined above in point no. 1 is ineffective and could actually become problematic.

This style of ‘learning’ can become very overwhelming for employees and management teams leading to a lack of motivation and understanding as to what exactly is expected of them. In the long run, it’s inevitable that this will have a negative impact on how your business is run and in turn, its success.

Point #2

A generic LMS will often have very limited capabilities that can only be applied to specific business structures or industries. Chances are that if you’re using one of these older, more rigid models, then you simply aren’t reaping anywhere near the number of benefits that you could be. If your LMS is trying to fit your organisation into its mould, then you could actually be doing damage to your business and limiting its potential growth.


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Point #3

The idea that an LMS should only educate you at certain times during certain training systems or learning modules, is completely outdated. This style of system will cause you to miss out on a lot of learning opportunities and actually prevents your team from incorporating a growth mindset into their everyday tasks and work duties. As a result, the growth of your company becomes stilted and you’ll find your competitors who are using modern LMS models will expand much more quickly than you are.

What Should I be Looking for in an LMS?

Identifying a modern LMS that will have a genuine and lasting impact on the success of your organisation becomes much easier when you know what to look for. Below are some of the biggest factors to look out for in order to ensure you aren’t wasting your time or money while also hindering the progress of your business:

✓ An emphasis on collaboration; rather than having a system that just throws information at each individual on the team, find an LMS that encourages collaboration and open communication between teams and team members.

✓ Find an LMS that prioritises the engagement and productivity of your team, not just your standard, run-of-the-mill learning modules and tests.

✓ Make sure your LMS helps to keep everyone on the same page in terms of goals, objectives, and strategy. When you achieve this, your business will become more cohesive than ever.

✓ Adaptability is crucial. You should be able to use and apply the features of your system in a way that entirely suits the structure of your organisation.

✓ Democratised learning that helps to build a community based around learning and growth rather than just focusing on a one-way conversation.

Whether you have an existing LMS or you’re just now thinking about getting one, WorkPlan Learning is exactly what you need to establish and maintain business growth and success. This innovative system will help to align your team by keeping them engaged and constantly learning. Click here to start your free trial today!

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