Drive Employee Engagement with WorkPlan

Drive Employee Engagement with WorkPlan
Kathleen Bosworth

Drive employee engagement with WorkPlan

Are your employees engaged? and contributing to your organisation?

Recent research shows that out of 100 employees, 13 of them are actively disengaged.  They are miserable in the workplace and undermine the work of their engaged co-workers.

A further 67 employees are not engaged.  They are just hanging around and getting paid, putting in time, without energy or passion in their work.

This leaves only 20 employees who are engaged and thriving at work.  Only these 20 employees are driving performance and innovation and are actively working to advance the goals of the organisation.

Imagine a workplace where every voice matters, and every idea shines.

  • Engaged employees are happier, and have better health and safety outcomes.
  • Organisations with engaged employees have lower employee turnover, fewer product defects or service errors and greater customer satisfaction.

How can you ignite the passion and drive within your team?

Learning opportunities are one of the largest drivers of employee engagement and a strong workplace culture.

  1. Unlock the power of learning with WorkPlan
  2. Bring everyone together in a collaborative knowledge-sharing environment – because every voice is valuable
  3. Leverage the potential of everyone’s ideas.
  4. Empower your team and cultivate a community of continuous learning.

Drive employee engagement with WorkPlan.

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