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Strategic Planning workshop

Clarify and define the strategic goals and objectives to accelerate growth in your business. This program will uncover your current strengths and opportunities as well as identifying new strategic activities to compete and win in your chosen markets. The WorkPlan strategy program opens a clear ‘line of sight’ between your strategy and the tasks needed to be executed by all persons in your business. The WorkPlan Strategy will be both a ‘game changer’ for your business as well as a valuable learning experience with lasting benefits.

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Leadership profiling workshop

Give your team a proven tool to improve communication and relationships within and outside your business. The program will show you how to identify different behavioural styles and communicate more effectively with each one regardless of the situation. The program will identify preferred working and decision- making styles and link these to capabilities needed to execute your strategy. This program has been instrumental in uncovering decision making ‘blind-spots’ in senior management teams and boards of directors. Your people will gain a deep understanding of how they can leverage their strengths to achieve their goals and work.

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Engagement & Productivity workshop

Getting everyone in your business on the same page and heading in the same direction is critical to growing your business and increasing employee engagement and productivity. To achieve your strategic goals, you must have the right people in your business doing the right work to deliver results. Identify the capabilities your business needs to meet its strategic goals and compete effectively. This program will ensure your people are clear on their accountabilities, projects and tasks needed to meet your strategic goals and objectives.

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Performance Management workshop

Implement a process to measure and track execution against strategic goals, team objectives and individual tasks. The WorkPlan Performance Management Program prevents unexpected missed targets and project deadlines in your business. You will have a process and tools to seamlessly roll-out performance management in your business and engage your people more fully. Your people will be clear about what they need to complete to achieve results. You will identify high performers, retain talent and provide a clear roadmap for your people to engage with your business.

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Strategic Selling workshop

Designed for business to business sales, the WorkPlan Strategic Sales program provides the tools, methods and processes to uncover client needs, win new business, deliver services and leverage the outcomes for further opportunities. The Strategic Sales program teaches best practices in engaging with new and existing clients as well as managing the engagement with internal and external stakeholders. The program includes an experiential phase supported by coaching. This program delivers a repeatable process for anybody involved in sales and business development. Your business will increase sales revenue and enjoy greater sales forecasting accuracy.

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Accelerate results in your business and executive team by enabling leaders to focus on measurable outcomes aligned with your strategic objectives. WorkPlan Coaching uses our own OPERA model that eliminates lack of focus on achieving real outcomes from our coaching program. Our coaching clients work on single objectives in each coaching program cycle and these are aligned with the requirements of meeting strategic goals, team objectives and individual tasks within your business. You will gain a sustainable methodology that will improve effectiveness and productivity.

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