It is time

to turn the outdated learning management (LMS) models on their head.

Whether you have an existing LMS or not, MyWorkPlan is an essential tool to keep your team engaged, learning and productive.

MyWorkPlan gives every person in your organisation the opportunity to create and share ideas, skills and knowledge. Your teams create and share knowledge quickly and efficiently; publish in 10 minutes, not 1 month.

When learning is collaborative and democratised, it is relevant and engaging.

MyWorkPlan is the answer to getting everyone in your business on the same page and heading in the same direction.

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What does MyWorkPlan do for your business?


Focus your team with targeted knowledge and learning
Your people will clearly see how their activities, tasks and learning relate to visible and defined team objectives.


Unleash real learning, engagement and collaboration
Empower every person to share their expertise and drive better results when they can create content, videos, quizzes, forums and events.


Gain real time

View progress and results of individual and team learning, engagement and development against business goals and objectives.

How will your business be transformed with MyWorkPlan?

Empower your
sales teams

To increase sales revenue. Your sales team will have instant access to sales tools and sharing best practices, market intelligence and ongoing sales training.

Collaborate for effective marketing

Keep all your great ideas, work in progress, goals and objectives in one place. Collaborate on creative development and campaigns internally and externally with agencies.

Enhance Customer

Service & Support

Your customer service and support teams will have instant access to information to respond quickly and professionally to customer requests.

Deliver Consistent

Fast On-Boarding

MyWorkPlan prepares new employees to be effective team members in less time. MyWorkPlan ensures employees understand your business, their roles and vital safety and compliance information.

your Clients

Use MyWorkPlan to give your business competitive advantages with your clients by sharing knowledge, information, new products, new services, company announcements and events.

Simple Pricing for Every Business


(*billed annually)

All priced are exclusive of GST

30+ users Contact Us for pricing.

Modern, Flexible and Easy to Use

Collaborative portfolios with posts, videos, assessments and checklists

Connect with discussion forums, messaging and surveys

Create events and manage attendees

Link teams to goals, objectives, learning, activities and tasks

Interactive advanced visual analytics

Track strategy and people engagement

Bring your people together

Inspire, transform and engage your people to achieve your strategic goals.

Revolutionise how your organisation works. MyWorkPlan empowers your people to create and share knowledge and learning aligned to your strategic goals and their team objectives. Request a demo to explore what it can do for your business.

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MyWorkPlan is 100% Australian owned and fully supported in Australia. Support requests are logged using our online portal.

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