The Consultants Guide to Engagement


This book is designed to provide consultants of any type an easy to use reference to build a systematic client engagement process for themselves or for an entire firm.

I am basing this book on a common engagement process applicable to both consultants and business advisors; the latter are typically persons working in the accounting field who are expanding their range of services to include ‘consulting’.

There are some parts of the process where I will identify elements that may be unique to business advisors. I will use examples in this book and reference experiences with different clients from different industries and business types. The material in this book can be applied to any type of consultant; the process is the same regardless of the services offered.
Since the world has been impacted by COVID-19, I have included information on adapting different phases of client engagement to online interactions. There are other impacts from COVID-19 that include working from home, businesses cutting back spending and the inability to travel. These impacts will be included in different parts of this book as
applicable and relevant.

I have not delved into the topic of the prospecting phase of client engagement in this book. My experience has shown that there is no ‘one size fits all’ methodology for prospecting. I have clients who are very successful using what are now considered
outdated tactics, the telephone and postal mail.

Others have implemented prospecting processes involving many ‘moving parts’ that require ongoing monitoring and management. If you would like to discuss prospecting for your consulting firm, you may contact me directly.

Brian Clark

Founder and CEO


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