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Now, more than ever,

businesses need to create, innovate and
collaborate to succeed.

As experts in strategy, people engagement, performance management and learning innovation, the WorkPlan Experience is delivering real solutions to real business problems.

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Guiding Your Success

Therefore, everything we can create and develop focuses on achieving these outcomes for our customers and our partners.

With a clear business strategy, compelling purpose and shared responsibility, your business and your people will increase productivity and profitability to achieve your strategic targets.

Our Process


  • Identify and quantify business challenges and opportunities
  • Prioritise opportunities and challenges based on positive impact
  • Develop a Roadmap with clear goals and actions


  • Create and embed an integrated strategy into your business
  • Work with us to apply new thinking and tools in your business
  • Engage your people with MyWorkPlan app


  • Hit your strategic goals and accelerate your business to achieve powerful results
  • Your people are in the right roles working on the right things
  • Continue to grow learning, engagement and productivity with MyWorkPlan

We have been achieving amazing outcomes for businesses and their customers since 2000; previously known as DOTS Talent Solutions.

Our Australian WorkPlan team have designed and created an integrated solution that combines a modern cloud app and innovative business workshops that make it easy for businesses to achieve their strategic goals.

Combined to deliver real solutions to issues with employee engagement, productivity and profitability in business.

WorkPlan unleashes years of experience-based expertise and knowledge with MyWorkPlan and our innovative business workshops that deliver improved performance in the key business result areas of strategic planning, leadership, engagement, performance management and sales.

WorkPlan brings

your business goals and objectives to life.

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to take your business to the next level?

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