Our journey started in 2000 and continues as technology
transforms businesses and the way people work
About Us

About Us

Now, more than ever,

businesses need to create, innovate and
collaborate to succeed.

As experts in strategy, learning and people engagement the WorkPlan experience is delivering real solutions to real business problems.

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Everything we create and develop focuses
on achieving outcomes for our customers
and our partners.

We will show you how collaborative learning
brings even more possibilities to your business.

Our Process


  • Identify and quantify business challenges and opportunities
  • Prioritise opportunities and challenges based on positive impact
  • Develop a Roadmap with clear goals and actions


  • Create and embed an integrated learning and innovation strategy into your business.
  • Work with us to apply new thinking and tools in your business
  • Engage your people with MyWorkPlan The Collaborative Learning Platform.


  • Align learning and innovation to achieve your strategic goals
  • Build team cohesion and shared responsibility
  • Create a leadership mindset throughout your business.

We have been achieving amazing outcomes for businesses and their customers since 2000; previously known as DOTS Talent Solutions.

Working with a diverse range of customers, we gain insight into the forces impacting the modern workforce. The new era of work demands a new model of collaborative learning to meet the realities of a rapidly changing global environment.

Our Australian workplan team have developed a smart and simple learning platform, that is designed for the modern workforce, adopting social and collaborative peer to peer learning.

Our team is known globally for its expertise in learning management system design and implementation. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best known global blue-chip companies as well as small to medium businesses across a diverse range of geography and industries.

Our focus has always been and continues to be achieving the best outcomes for our customers and their people. Our growth is driven by our commitment to deliver real solutions to issues with employee engagement and productivity in organisations of all types, to succeed by focusing on people.

We deliver real solutions to issues or increase with employee engagement, productivity and performance in business.

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